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02 December 2010 @ 08:36 pm
 a small rant/i am so angry i can't even think.
I think you need a reality check.
Now, I definitely am not one to pick a fight with someone unless she is really worth my time; However, you are the most disgusting human being I have ever come across, so I have no choice but to say something.
You are repulsive. Look at you, hunched over all the time, nasty hair, nasty face. I never hate people because of their appearance, but you just happen to be an exception.
Perhaps I am biased. But who can blame me? I know what you do in your free time. How you attempt to pry into people's lives is gross. The way you look at people's facebook pictures, trying to comfort yourself because of your sad ugliness by making snide remarks about someone's hair or face or the way she smiles. Revolting.
You say I drop my friends? At least I don't GET dropped. Look at you, trying to look preoccupied, talking to people you know I know you hate, trying to comfort your self conscience by claiming your new "friends" simply don't have especially developed social skills. Ha ha. At least I have friends, and not some depressed boyfriend who wants to be able to give you everything, but every time he tries you push him away. He doesn't do anything but try to be the best boyfriend he can be for you, and all you do is give him shit. And you wonder why he goes to Golf Land all the time, who the fuck could stand being around you? You claim that if YOU tried breaking up with him, he would follow you around. HE is not the one who, when broken up with, threw her life away and threatened to commit suicide every second of the day. No wonder he started liking that other girl. Have fun comforting yourself with her supposed "angle shots"-- she's prettier than you'll ever be.
Why do you stay in orchestra? We definitely do not need your annoying, out of tune, screechy, untalented saggy ass rehearsing us. You think you're so great with your stupid private lessons, bitch you sound the same as you did 2 years ago, perhaps even worse. Just get the fuck out, you're wasting our time.
Also, I have problems with my parents, but at least my mother does not HATE me. You think you can use MY family life against me? Take a look at yours. Your house is shit. Your sister is shit, Your mother is shit, and you will become exactly like her. IN FACT, you will amount to much less. Your headed to a scummy community college you ungrateful shit. All you EVER did in school is bitch and complain about perfectly nice teacher who TRIED to help you. Even I tried to help you, you copied my work ALL the time and you have the nerve to call ME ungrateful? I AM THE ONE WHO NEED TO LEARN MORALS?
YOU are the one complaining about people treating you badly, not me. MAYBE if you stopped fucking MEOWING and saying randomass shit all the time, people would-- wait, they would still hate you. You'd still be ugly, annoying, completely stupid, and horribly oblivious of your gruesomely dogmatic behavior. You think you're oh-so-grand with your fucking A.D.D. and sadass depressing soap-opera life. Wake up and smell the coffee, honey, because karma is about to slap YOU in the face, not me.
13 July 2010 @ 11:08 pm
[22:09] thisisnotmorning: did u finish apush hw
[22:10] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: UGH
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: when u do
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: can i bowwow yo book
[22:10] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: why are you such a dick head
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: ill give you kathy le's #
[22:10] thisisnotmorning: LOL
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: idc
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: i rather get it from her personally
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: :P
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: what's your problem man
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: can i blackmail you
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: if you wat
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: want
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: will u let me borrow yo txtbook
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: if i do
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: lololololol
[22:11] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: omg
[22:11] thisisnotmorning: how about phys workbook
[22:12] thisisnotmorning: huh
[22:12] mizterfreekaleek: i finished that last week
[22:12] thisisnotmorning: can i borrow
[22:13] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: WHY
[22:13] mizterfreekaleek: where are your books?
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: that lady wouldn't let me check it out!!!
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: I never paid that dumb band fee or whatever
[22:13] mizterfreekaleek: that sucks
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: I didn't even get my report card lmfao
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: can i borrowwwww
[22:13] thisisnotmorning: workbook
[22:14] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:15] thisisnotmorning: y not
[22:15] mizterfreekaleek: because i dont want anyone borrowing y stuff
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: omg
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: can u scan in
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: the pages
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: then
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: LOLOL
[22:16] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:16] thisisnotmorning: wtf man
[22:16] mizterfreekaleek: my scanner is like 1 page=10 minutes
[22:19] thisisnotmorning: OKAY how about
[22:19] thisisnotmorning: scanning in
[22:19] thisisnotmorning: workbook
[22:19] mizterfreekaleek: ?
[22:20] thisisnotmorning: brian doesnt have the textbook either
[22:20] mizterfreekaleek: brian who?
[22:20] thisisnotmorning: whoops
[22:20] thisisnotmorning: LOL
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: omg ugh
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: there needs to be like
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: a study session
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: for summer hw
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: ugh wtf
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: are you in aplang
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: aplit
[22:21] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:21] mizterfreekaleek: im in english 11
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: ugh did u read the shit books
[22:21] thisisnotmorning: and do the project
[22:22] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: like wtf wtf is the project
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: ugh
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: we have to like make a
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: oranment or some shit?
[22:22] mizterfreekaleek: yes a mobile
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: what is it called
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: oh okay
[22:22] thisisnotmorning: like w t f is that shit
[22:23] mizterfreekaleek: a mobil
[22:23] mizterfreekaleek: like the thing on top of a babys cradle
[22:24] mizterfreekaleek: check my fb i posted something funny
[22:24] mizterfreekaleek: oh nvm dont
[22:28] thisisnotmorning: y
[22:28] mizterfreekaleek: i just ened apush then im done
[22:28] thisisnotmorning: omfg
[22:28] thisisnotmorning: let me borrow it
[22:30] thisisnotmorning: omg
[22:30] mizterfreekaleek: no
[22:30] thisisnotmorning: u deleted me
[22:31] thisisnotmorning: HELLO
[22:31] thisisnotmorning: YOU DELETED ME
[22:31] mizterfreekaleek: uh huh
[22:32] mizterfreekaleek: my bad im taking notes on apush shiii
[22:32] thisisnotmorning: why would you delete me
[22:32] thisisnotmorning: you ass
[22:33] mizterfreekaleek: well 1st of all
[22:34] mizterfreekaleek: you talk to me on aim just because you need things
[22:34] mizterfreekaleek: then you spam me
[22:34] thisisnotmorning: I spam you what
[22:35] thisisnotmorning: WHY else would I talk to you on aim lmfao
[22:35] thisisnotmorning: it's not like we have anything to talk about
[22:35] mizterfreekaleek: exactly so there really isnt a point
[22:36] thisisnotmorning: plus you're not even in the least a nice person
[22:36] thisisnotmorning: with any redeeming qualities
[22:36] mizterfreekaleek: then why would you ask me
[22:36] thisisnotmorning: LOL obvious it's called inconveniencing people \
[22:36] thisisnotmorning: actually
[22:36] thisisnotmorning: i thought maybe ONCE you would redeem your niceness inside
[22:37] thisisnotmorning: and would be a forgiving and understanding person
[22:37] thisisnotmorning: but i give you the benefit of the doubt too much
[22:38] mizterfreekaleek: mhmm
[22:38] thisisnotmorning: yeah so
[22:38] thisisnotmorning: in actuality
[22:39] thisisnotmorning: the hard, brutal, sad realistic truth
[22:40] thisisnotmorning: is that you're a sad filipino kid who wants girls that are too good for him and has a reallly reallllyyy nasty attitude along with some severe lack-of-kindness problems
[22:46] mizterfreekaleek: yup
[22:47] mizterfreekaleek: thats who i am
03 June 2010 @ 10:05 pm
 Nadia, i really love you and im sorry this week was so busy for me and stuff baby. but im still doing this damn drama play review and i didn't even watch the play!

03 February 2010 @ 02:44 pm
I feel bad.
You're a great person! You're pretty, smart, capable, tall...you have everything that you need. You don't need a boyfriend Cynthia. You have everyone in the world that loves you. Even if you don't have your parents (or partially do), there is everyone else! I think you're more beautiful and accomplished than me.
Because I'm mean, I'm judgmental, I treat my boyfriend pretty bad and I don't feel any remorse. I'm probably one of the worst people you will ever meet. I'm not being modest, this is pretty much the on-spot truth.
I'm glad that you're able to break up with Josh without crying. I'm glad that you feel that it's right (don't take this the wrong way!). You're everything that I need to be, Cynthia.

For me, my feelings for Julio were one-sided. I was oblivious to everything, I was selfish, and when he dropped the ball on me I was in shock.
But Cynthia, since you cared for Josh, or thought about him, you could sense the gap in feelings(?). Correct me if I'm wrong. I can't even do that! I just think about me, me, me, love for me, me, and only me.

I'm sorry that I never encouraged your relationship with Josh. That's probably why you never come to me with your problems.
I'm sorry that it has come to this.

It's great, however, that you have found a boyfriend-even if it didn't last. I know that you wanted to feel loved. But you didn't even need a boyfriend before, Cynthia! You just weren't aware of it; everyone around you, loves you!
I hope you find your path, Cynthia. My tears are for your success! I probably won't be around you at that point, but still! I will always remember you. :D
08 January 2010 @ 08:43 pm

I find nice adjustments from listening to Starlight!
I love Muse and Julioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I hope bb train nevah ends in mah lifeeeeeee
22 October 2009 @ 09:05 am
There can be a silent spark, just for a moment. Though some can have a spark that lasts for a while. Some lucky few can have a spark that lasts for an eternity.

A spark is a connection. Unfortunately sparks can wither away and grow old.

Little did I know I never had spark.

I'm going insane and I'm ready to commit suicide here!
28 May 2009 @ 10:55 pm
27 April 2009 @ 03:40 pm
okay so the beginning:
julio wanted a job and my moms store and she was like ok only if you take my daughter out to winter ball.
and he did and we went and i didnt really like him.
but then after he admitted to liking me and i was like okay...i kind of like you a little bit i guess?
then he asked me out
then we were goin out
then i met his mom who i swear doesnt like me to this day
and his family

then we were officially goin out
18 March 2009 @ 09:33 pm
Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?
Of course.
27 January 2009 @ 03:54 pm
15:42] WHERE'S RENEE: yo
[15:43] time truth & hearts: heyy
[15:45] WHERE'S RENEE: omg poor lisa
[15:45] WHERE'S RENEE: her e-rep is all ruined!! omg LOL
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: hm
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: i have a peeve about unwashed hair
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: u kno it smells oily
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: like onions??
[15:46] time truth & hearts: lmaooo
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: and i can smell it at school
[15:46] time truth & hearts: dude it was a joke
[15:46] WHERE'S RENEE: okay well anyways
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: i ALWAYS smell onions at school
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: and ik its not my hair b/c i can smell my hair
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: but like there is this senior that sits in front of me
[15:47] time truth & hearts: lmaoooo
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: who i can sooo tell does not wash her hair
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: and its DYED too so it's worse
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: like it's clumpy & purple
[15:47] WHERE'S RENEE: rlly turn off-ish
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: but it smells like onion 99% of the time
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: she washes it after she redyes it again though
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: so that's the other 1%
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: but yah
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: onion
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: i talked to the japanese exchange student about this
[15:48] WHERE'S RENEE: i was like "do otaku wash their hair at all?"
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: and then i explained to him the smell of onions
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: and he was like
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: "Maybe there's an onion shampoo?"
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: funny
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: but that's what i really hate
[15:49] WHERE'S RENEE: ppl who do not wash their hair and smell like onions
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: ME (I) have to smell onions at skool all day
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: b/c of this major problem
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: u kno i think minerals in ur hair emit like gas or something
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: and pollutes the air
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: so it smells like onions
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: thats prolly why global warming is so big now
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: b/c millions of ppl do not wash their hair
[15:50] WHERE'S RENEE: e_e
[15:51] WHERE'S RENEE: I hope you read this! This is my passion in life.
[15:51] time truth & hearts: lmaooooo
[15:51] time truth & hearts: you and ppl smelling like onions
[15:52] WHERE'S RENEE: omgfAJKJADHkjaD
[15:52] WHERE'S RENEE: do not mention!!!
[15:52] WHERE'S RENEE: new topic
[15:52] WHERE'S RENEE: did u finish ur skull

With Jessica of Swimchick.net. Sometimes I get the vibe that she's pissed 98% of the time.
I think it has to do with her major and her school.
I think it has to do with her majoring in graphic design and getting no job afterward.
It isn't exactly a Stanford degree! I'd be pretty upset, too. ;)